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- New Associates - Welcome to LegalShield -
Let's get started right...
Training Audio: 4 Steps to help new associates get started right

1) 1st Step Website - Complete these 4 steps to get started right! Commit to your schedule.

2) First Step Checklist - Fill out and review this document with the person who helped you get started with LegalShield or someone who is a part of your support team. Also print the Associate Quick Reference Guide

3) Level Up to Senior Associate Chart- Fill out to keep track of where you are with Leveling up to Senior Associate within your first 20 days. After you level up to Senior Associate you can look at the other Rank Advancement Charts.

4) List of Names -  Prospect by LegalShield, PDF, Excel or Google Sheets. Big List = Big Business! Write down all the names of your prospects and set up a gameplan with your support team on how to properly share the LegalShield membership and/or business with them. Listen to audio training on working the list of names here.

Here is a 3 way call script you can use as well. 

5) Training Call Schedule (PDF) - Get tips on how to build your LegalShield business by listening to training calls. Most calls are also available by replay as well.

6) Local Events - find events in your area where you can get access to live training and also invite guests to see a live presentation.