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Featured LegalShield Learning Management System Trainings:
"Helping New Associates Level Up Qualify and receive $180 bonus" - by April Hurst, $50,000 ring earner
Prospecting, Presenting, Closing and Retention - by Mr. Don Thompson, $300,000 ring earners

Audio Trainings

-Activity Tracker - Duplicate the activity and you will be able to duplicate the results!
-FACE the day
-First Step Gameplan - replay of training call focusing on how to go through the First Step Guide with your new associates! Start at 10 minutes into call.
-Follow Up for your Fortune - Approximately 80% of all sales happen after 5-12 follow ups. Are you following up like a professional? Listen to this audio training to find out. Print this document for the Follow Up System
-List of Names - by John Drennan, $150,000 ring earner - How to develop and expand your list of names. Your list = your business!
-National Convention - tips on how to create momentum with the LegalShield national conventions!
-Network Marketing 101
-Personal Development
-Phone Overviews - how to do a presentation over the phone in 5 steps (starts at 9 minutes)

-Private Business Receptions -
-Retention - Top 10 tips to increase your membership retention rate and residual income
-Sit-down Presentations - LMS Training
-Sponsoring your new associates - 4 Steps to becoming a great sponsor for your new associates
-The History of TeamNuVision (TNV) - Originally recorded in 2004, Mr. Darnell Self shares what has enabled TNV to be such a successful organization
-Three way calling and Third party
-Time Management 101
-Working the List of Names - 4 Steps to helping your new associates work their list of names!

LegalShield Learning Management System (LMS) - Get access to 100+ trainings on all aspects of LegalShield including Franklin Covey courses as well (free for LS Advantage members)

Video/Webinar Trainings.

Recorded Phone Overview Messages:
Membership and Business Overview (12 minutes) -801.705.5838
Membership and Business Overview (3 minutes) - 518.530.1390
Membership Presentation - 10 minutes - 512.703.6148, option 2