Important Documents
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* = Updated within last 30 days

* 3 Way Call Script - Learn the step by step process of doing a 3 way call with your prospects.

10 Core Commitments - Focus on being consistent in these 10 areas to ensure long term success in your LegalShield business 10 in Play List - Keep track of the top 10 prospects for the associates you are working with directly testing

Activity tracker (PDF) - Keep track of your daily activity (Audio Training with Mr. Paul, Executive Director).
Application - Membership - Fill out this form to enroll a new member with the LegalShield and IDShield service
Application - Associate - Fill out this form to enroll a new associate with the LegalShield business
Booth Setup and *Raffle form - Outlines steps on how to setup a booth to be utilized during community events. Also includes sign-in form.
Calendar - Plan your work then work your plan! How much time are you investing in your business daily? You can use a digital calendar or daily planner.
Circle Up - It is important to meet with your team after each business briefing. This explains what to do during your team circle up
Direct Deposit Activation Form - Use this form to set up direct deposit for your LegalShield commissions
Event Promoter - Inspect what you expect! Use this to keep track of how many guests and associates you have invited to an event
*Executive Director / Senior Director Run Chart - Map out your run to Senior Director and ED based on how many you help to get Performance Club Qualified!
Follow up system (Follow Up 3x5 Index Cards) - Remember that 80% of all sales take place after 5-12 contacts - AUDIO TRAINING
-Items needed: Index Card Tray |
Index Card Tabs [1-31], [Jan-Dec], [A-Z] | Index Cards
Hotel Room Split Spreadsheet - Use to calculate cost per associate when splitting hotel room costs during convention
LegalShield App Activation Steps - gives details on how to log in to new LegalShield mobile app
List of Names - Write down the names of all of your contacts! Use your cell phone. The bigger your list, the bigger your business!
List of Names (Excel Version) - Type the names of all of your contacts! The bigger your list, the bigger your business! (updated 3/27/2020v3)
List of Names (B2B focus) - This list is specifically for those focusing on LegalShield Business to Business Sales to small business owners and also to companies as an employee benefit. You can also download this list in Excel.

My Attorney Story
New Member Checklist- What to do after you have enrolled a new LegalShield / IDShield member
New Associate Kit
Organizing your business
Tips on how to stay organized
Padfolio - Stay organized with this padfolio
Performance Club ( - Incentive program that pays $300-$500 in monthly bonuses for being consistent in your business (PDF)
*Presentation Summary - 1 page (PDF) | MemberPerks - Summary of the LegalShield and IDShield membership and Business
*Presentation (PowerPoint and PDF) - Download the full PDF or PowerPoint slideshow to use on your tablet or laptop to do a full presentation on the LegalShield service and business opportunity. Available under "Resources" then "Business Briefings"
Private Business Reception (PBR) Checklist - LAUNCH your business by inviting your contacts to your home to see a presentation on the membership and opportunity. Prepare by printing and reviewing this checklist. Video training with Mr. Brian Carruthers, $1,000,000/year ring earner!
Quick Start Membership Guide - give to all of your new LegalShield Members. Explains how to login, prepare will and access MemberPerks discounts
Rank Advancement Charts - Print and fill out this form to map out advancing to the next level: Associate, Senior Associate, Manager, Director, Power 20, Executive Director!
Referral Form - Print this form out and use it to get referrals from every prospect that you sit down with whether they enroll or not.
Script - Gives overview of what to say to get a prospect to view a web presentation, schedule a sit-down presentation or attend an event.
Training call Schedule - Schedule of all the LegalShield training calls to help you build your business. Click here for replay of previous calls
Weekly Coaching Program (PDF)
Schedule time to work with your associates every week. Listen to training call for details of training program:
Part 1 - What is coaching and weekly coaching program overview
Part 2 - Weekly Coaching program - detailed overview of steps
Part 3 - Weekly Coaching program - success stories and lessons learned